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Recycle It!


Printware partnered with Phoenix Computers to offer you a range of flexible options to assist your organisation to recover revenue from your networking and hardware assets.

Unlock the capital from your surplus, excess or redundant IT and Networking Hardware

If you have high value or high quantity surplus, excess or redundant IT Hardware & network equipment. You may be able to put money back into your budget, by releasing the capital tied up in equipment you no longer require.

Asset Valuation

Comprehensive evaluation, inventory and hardware appraisal services.

Trade in options

It may be possible to trade your surplus assets and inventory against the value of new equipment purchased through Printware.

Offset Disposal Costs

You may be able to offset the cost of your disposal and recycling, by offsetting specific items that still have some residual value, against the disposal of equipment that has none. Or alternatively offsetting the disposal costs against the purchase of new equipment.

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