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Xerox Phaser 7750 Colour Laser Printer

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Xerox Phaser 7750

Xerox Phaser 7750

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Xerox Phaser 7750 Colour Laser Printer

There’s little room for compromise if you rely on colour to communicate ideas and solidify concepts. It’s got to be exact every time you print, and you must be able to depend on your printer to get the job done on time. The Phaser 7750 colour laser printer has the complete feature set for the imaging and design professional: fast performance to keep pace, fully controllable and customisable colour output, and intelligent features that help speed projects through to completion.

Bright colours at high speed - The Phaser 7750 colour laser printer sets the pace for A3 laser printers. It speeds through the most complicated, high-coverage print jobs with ease, with impressive results, consistently. Bolstered by powerful system level components, the Phaser 7750 colour laser printer will deliver on time every time.

Better colour by design - There’s an impressive quality to Phaser 7750 prints. Colours are lifelike, the images are sharp... and the colours are the exact ones you specify. Emulsion Aggregation - Higher Gloss toner uses smaller, more uniform toner "particles" to bring more detail and clarity to every image. Plus, the Phaser 7750 printer is fully loaded with software to ensure that what you expect to see is what you get.

Easy to work with - A busy office or design studio needs to rely on its colour printer. The Phaser 7750 colour printer practically installs itself, and intelligent management features help it blend in nicely with brisk-paced businesses.

Always Productive - The Phaser 7750 colour laser printer comes standard with a suite of software tools to aid productivity in today’s complex office technology environments.

CentreWare IS Embedded Web Server provides easy printer management via your favorite web browser. Save time with configuration cloning and automatic installation, and access MaiLinX email alerts, consumables status, printer configurations, job accounting and automated support.

For enterprise-level printer management, server-based CentreWare Web makes it easy for IT administrators to install, configure, obtain reports and troubleshoot all Xerox and non-Xerox network devices simultaneously.

PrintingScout (instant pop-up Help), PhaserSMART (remote diagnostic tool), and a full one-year on-site warranty ensure that your printer will be on-line, all the time.

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Xerox Phaser 7750 Colour Laser Printer Running Costs

The cost per copy is generated using all consumables, not just the toners and is based on our current sell prices. In the case of the colour printers we have split the coverage between all colours.

Cost Per Page
5% 2.58 pence
15% 4.85 pence
20% 5.98 pence
40% 10.52 pence
90% 21.87 pence

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