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HP Launches Cartridge Authentication Software

From the Printware Blog on 22nd December 2011 in Software, Security

HP has launched new software which enables users to verify the authenticity of its cartridges and guard against counterfeit products. The new software uses QR codes, which can be read via a smartphone, to authenticate each product and should make it easier than ever to spot a fake cartridge.


Cool Earth Says Thank You To Printware And Its Customers

From the Printware Blog on 9th December 2011 in Environment, Charity

Recently, we looked at how Printware's partnership with Cool Earth has helped preserve the Peruvian rain forest and benefit the people who depend on it. Following on from that, Cool Earth has contacted us to express its thanks for our support and break down exactly how the contribution from Printware and its customers is making a difference.


Printware Customers Help Save 41 Acres of Rain Forest with Cool Earth

From the Printware Blog on 9th December 2011 in Environment, Charity

Back in July, Printware teamed up with rain forest charity Cool Earth and pledged to donate £1 for every printer sold to help secure vital areas of South American rain forest for future generations. After six months, the money donated by Printware has been used to purchase an impressive 41 acres of rain forest in Peru.


UK Printer Sales Up Six Per Cent on Same Time Last Year

From the Printware Blog on 18th November 2011 in News

Despite the economic slowdown having an impact on printer sales on the continent, UK printer sales in the third quarter of 2011 were up 6% on the previous year. The increase in sales was due largely to an increase in demand for multifunction printers, which are proving to be the growth sector in the printer industry.


Size Really Does Matter When it Comes to Printing

From the Printware Blog on 11th November 2011 in Consumer Advice

The benefits of A3 printing may seem obvious but the potential impact of A3 promotional material on small businesses may just surprise you. Professor Richard Wiseman carried out research which showed that larger printed images and visual aids can make a business seem more successful and professional.


New Software Shows How To Save Money and Print Greener

From the Printware Blog on 8th November 2011 in Software, Environment

A company in Portland, Oregon has developed software which, it says, will help businesses save money on their print costs and reduce environmental impact at the same time. If successful, the savings to businesses and organisations using networked devices could be huge.


How Businesses Can Improve Network Printer Security

From the Printware Blog on 7th November 2011 in Security, Consumer Advice

Recently, a graduate student at Dublin City University discovered several security flaws in printers which make them vulnerable to hackers. If your printer isn't properly protected you could be leaving a gaping hole in your defences, so we take a look at what you can do to stay secure.


Xerox Launches Flagship Phaser 7800

From the Printware Blog on 1st November 2011 in New Products

After much anticipation and speculation, Xerox has now launched the replacement for its flagship A3 office printer, the Phaser 7760. The new Phaser 7800 bridges the gap between the Xerox office range and its colour production portfolio and is already generating a great deal of interest.


And then a HERO Comes Along

From the Printware Blog on 18th October 2011 in New Products

Kodak has gone all-out to impress with its new range of all-in-one printers and, with a name like HERO, they'll have a lot to live up to. With the ability to print wirelessly, to print from anywhere using Google Cloud Print and even to create 3D photos at home, the Kodak HERO range may just be worthy of the name.


Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Not so long ago, a cloud was a fluffy white thing in the sky or, depending on where you live, a great big black thing in the sky with rain coming out of it. However, we live in a world of rapidly evolving technology where it seems to be easier to invent things than make up new words. So now, apparently, a cloud is something to do with computers and you can use one to print things.


What a difference a tree makes

From the Printware Blog on 9th August 2011 in Environment

Cool Earth would like to say a big thank you to Printware's customers for helping to protect 41 acres of endangered Amazon rainforest. Each tree plays a specific role in the forest, locking in carbon and acting as a habitat to thousands of species.


Lexmark Genesis S815. From Document to Digital in 3 Seconds

From the Printware Blog on 18th January 2011 in New Products

It's not often that we're drawn in by a printer's looks, but the Genesis S815 All-in-One from Lexmark is a truly stylish machine. The Genesis isn't just pleasing to the eye either, it boasts impressive print speeds of up to 30 pages per minute in colour.

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