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Prevail in Retail with OKI

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 19th July 2017

In retail, if you are not able to keep pace with retail trends and customer expectations you can lose ground to competitors – often only a few doors away. From promotions to signage, staff communication and even cost control, your store must run smoothly, maximising opportunities whenever they present themselves. What if your printer could help you to achieve all of this?

A Printer is often the unsung hero of the retail business as it can help you:

  • stand out from the competition,
  • attract, retain and deliver a fantastic customer experience to ensure customers keep coming back
  • achieve the agility to quickly produce promotional materials to support a campaign, introduce new product lines or promote key services
  • drive strong customer engagement and satisfaction to increase transactions and order values
  • optimise costs and overheads in a tough trading environment by optimising efficiency and keeping projects in-house.

OKI printers make it possible to drive efficiency whether you are a small local store or a larger retail outlet.

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Unlock Flexibility and Creativity to Drive Custom  

Be the store with the ‘wow’ factor that draws customers to you. Create vibrant eye-catching signage and materials on all kinds of media sizes and types to turn heads and stop consumers walking by.

Branded point-of-sale materials, including billboards, drop banners, window posters and stickers can be created in-house and in no time.

With OKI’s range of High Definition colour printers and MFPs combined with adhoc state of the art software platforms you can generate these and more. 

To maintain your brand consistency and give a great customer experience ensure an optimal and consistent brand experience, templates can be created centrally for use on any site using an OKI smart printer.

Drive up Transactional Value by Printing On-demand

In the retail industry, nothing stands still for a minute. Prices fluctuate and promotions are frequently introduced. What you print today may well have changed or expired in a day’s time.

OKI smart printing devices come with built-in software and can handle a wide range of media. This allows retailers to print varied high-quality, standout drop banners, directional signage, price tags and other materials on-demand and in-house. 

Pricing and promotions can be tailored to a specific time, customer or store, driving efficiency and transaction value to maximise sales potential. 

Reduce Cost and Waste with Quality In-house Printing

Outsource print jobs may seem like the only option to achieve the quality required. However, the minimum quantity of short-run jobs is often such that retailers end up with excess that is then wasted.

With OKI printers, these jobs can be executed in-house at flexible quantities without compromising on quality. As such, costs can be driven down and wastage is minimised.

Save Space with a Compact Design

Space in a retail unit is at a premium as every inch has to maximise the profitability of the business, especially in a sought-after location.

Due to the nature of LED printer technology their printers are far more compact than Laser equivalents. With significantly less bulk, the possibilities for where to place them.

OKI’s wide range of printers and MFPs also have space-saving features including front paper loading and a compact device footprint so they can fit neatly against a wall or under a shop counter to save valuable space.

OKI Retail C532dn Banner

Clearly, OKI Printers can equip retail environments with the flexibility, agility, quality and versatility to add huge value to any retail environment. With an OKI printer, retailers have the tools to put themselves ahead of the competition by standing out from the competition, engaging with and communicating to customers in a far more efficient fashion.

To prevail in retail, buy the C532dn A4 Colour LED Printer for your business today.

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