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Do The ConnectKey 1-2-3

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 27th June 2017 in New Products, Printing Technology

Xerox’s new range of Versalink and Altalink printers and multifunction devices do not just look great, but they also perform with unrivalled usability and versatility. They are workplace assistants that can be adapted to the needs of not only the business, but to individual workers too. Which is why, in more and more workplaces up and down the country, you will find users doing the ‘ConnectKey 1-2-3’.

Step 1 – FamiliariseXerox ConnectKey 1-2-3; Step 1 - Familiarise

This is a short step, because as soon as you begin to use the device it will feel as familiar as your phone or tablet. Without even needing to think you will find yourself interacting with ConnectKey naturally, using the bright, responsive display to intuitively tap, swipe and scroll through tasks and options. The apps themselves are just as intuitive, designed to be understood as soon as they are open.

This is not the only thing that will be instantly familiar. In common with most mobile devices, the ConnectKey comes integrated with its own app store - the Xerox App Gallery. Here it is a rapid process to locate and download apps directly on to the printer. Most of the popular cloud based services, along with all of your cloud-based documents, are just a few clicks away.

Step 2 - CustomiseXerox ConnectKey 1-2-3; Step 2 - Customise

With the app store putting your favourite productivity apps at your fingertips, you are quickly on the way to customising ConnectKey to suit your business, work function, or both. Download the apps that will make a real difference to the way you work. Then drag these around the screen to suit your priorities. Any that are no longer useful – just delete them. You can create a personalised profile that will save all your preferences too, meaning that the printer is ready for you any time you use it.

Step 3 - OptimiseXerox ConnectKey 1-2-3; Step 3 - Optimise

Not only can you download freely available apps, but you can even develop your own. Is there a specific document management process that is unique to your business; or an in-house system tailored to your needs? With Xerox ConnectKey you can develop your own productivity tool. Automate menial processes, or integrate with your systems and scan documents directly to the specific case, contact or project you need them to be attached to.

With Xerox ConnectKey it really is as easy as 1-2-3. In no time you will have familiarised with your device and customised it to the way you like to work. Then the potential is there to optimise ConnectKey and add value to your work processes, departmental functions and to the business itself.

Find out more about how you can enhance the way you work in 1-2-3 with Xerox ConnectKey.

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