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Face The Future With ConnectKey Certainty

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 18th May 2017 in Printing Technology

Xerox has a heritage of bringing game-changing technologies to market years before others. A trend set to continue with their new range of ConnectKey-enabled devices. These are printers and multi-function devices that are firmly focused on the future - to provide productivity while evolving with the workplace to help overcome challenges – even those that are yet to arise.

ConnectKey involves the integration of five key features:

1. An intuitive tablet-like interface that any user can feel comfortable using, even if they have not encountered it previously.

2. A mobile and cloud-ready platform to enable compatibility with any device or service, and from anywhere - even on-the-go.

3. Leading edge security to ensure data and documents are safe from malicious activity even as attacks and intrusion attempts become more sophisticated.

4. Managed print services to ensure print performance is optimised, IT resources are managed and costs are kept under control.

5. Customisation to allow every user and department access to their preferred methods of working, even allowing apps to be developed to suit their exact needs.

Xerox ConnectKey C405

It's no surprise then that the new range is heavily involved in a program referred to as the future of work; as workplaces increasingly switch ways of working from the desktop to the portable, and the static to the on-the-move.

Xerox has had to move and evolve with the times to stay relevant as technology in the workplace continues to change. As Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson has laid out: “It’s no longer good enough just to deliver great products. We have to help people become more productive.”

Thus why Xerox ConnectKey technology has been designed to turn a multifunction printer from one that sits in the corner of an office until required, into the centre of a complete productivity ecosystem. One that can be quickly understood and used, not merely on a transactional basis, but in a way that enhances how tasks are undertaken. Even if that individual has never used the device previously, familiarity with popular tablets and smartphones allows them to quickly get to grips with the interface.

As you would expect, native apps are available, with many more that can be downloaded from the Xerox App Gallery. However, apps are increasingly being developed by partner dealers to solve the unique challenges that are faced by the business.

This creates a two-tiered incentive to remain loyal to Xerox for years to come. Firstly, each customer can gain bespoke solutions that will optimise workflow better than they thought possible. Secondly, when the time comes to upgrade devices, switching from Xerox will mean not just trading one device for another, but potentially losing a suite of bespoke productivity apps as they become incompatible.

If you would like to learn more, view the Versalink range - which come with ConnectKey as standard.

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