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What is Epson's Eco Vison 2050?

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 11th May 2017 in Printing Technology, Environment

As far back as 2003, every Epson manufacturing site achieved the landmark of recycling 100% of all waste material; not a claim many others can make, even in 2017. Not content to rest on this accomplishment, in 2008 Epson’s Environmental Vision 2050 was established. Highly ambitious long-term targets mean Epson’s products, services, business practices and community activities will exist in harmony with the environment.

This is a very distinct take on addressing mankind’s environmental challenges. Epson believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce ecological impact equally, and as a prominent manufacturer of cutting-edge technology to numerous sectors, they seem committed to leading by example.

Epson Eco Trees

Vision 2050 sets several highly ambitious environmental targets:

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions by 90% across all products’ lifecycles.
  2. Ensure that all products are part of a resource, reuse and recycling loop.
  3. Eliminate use of harmful gas emissions, other than CO2, within all products.
  4. Restore and preserve biodiversity as a member of the ecosystem, together with local communities.

They have also established four principles for a sustainable future:

New Perspective

Epson’s new and continuously evolving perspective involves going beyond reducing the environmental impact of existing solutions – and proposing new products, services, functions and uses that change society's environmental impact. Epson’s advanced grasp of future technologies such as robotics and AI holds the key to continuously reducing the environmental impact of products as well as refine processes in an effort to eliminate wasteful practices.


Although this looks to the long-term vision of the company, there is still much that Epson is doing to continue to improve the environmental efficiency of existing products. Aiming for a 50% lower impact across each product’s lifecycle, key focus areas include making solutions smaller and lighter, reducing power requirements, a design ethos that enables easy recycling at the end of life, and ensuring that operation is extended to give a longer service life.


Much can be done in the short term to optimise how each product line is physically made and then mass produced. Epson endeavours to develop resourceful, low-impact production processes, in conjunction with programs that reduce total costs and raise quality.

Eco Community

Last but certainly not least is Epson’s focus on the wider community. Utilising environmental community action – centred on their products and services – Epson target new socially and economically sustainable practices. That means working with communities and users to create solutions that are kinder to the environment and fit in seamlessly with the everyday lives of users.

The Vision 2050 has already had a positive impact, judging by some Epson product ranges. Their Workforce Business Inkjet Printers embody this, a revolutionary low-energy and low-waste design that is already reducing the ecological footprint of thousands of customers. Using no heat in the printing process and requiring significantly fewer consumables saves up to 96% energy consumption and 94% waste than equivalent laser printers.

Make the switch to inkjet

However, if reductions had meant the efficacy of the products suffered, it would have defeated the purpose. Vision 2050 is even more remarkable in that it pushes to product performance even further. The Epson Workforce range of printers achieves just this, representing a product that is not only competitive with established products but also more environmentally friendly.

Epson's RIPS devices take this a step further. It hinges on a system that can print up to 75,000 pages before any ink needs replaced. To generate even less waste.

These are just two examples that show how Epson have not only committed to preserving the environment but are already beginning to deliver it.

See more of their environmentally conscious - yet high performance - inkjet printers and make the switch today.

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