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Switch To Epson and Save Save Save!

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 27th April 2017

When compared with equivalent laser printers, Epson business inkjet printers can save power consumption by 96%. It sounds far-fetched, but when you look under the bonnet to discover the ingenuity of the Epson system, it becomes not just feasible but self-evident that making the switch to an Epson business inkjet printer, will save energy.

Switching to an Epson Business Inkjet means that you will save in several ways:

Save up to 50% cost per page with high-capacity ink cartridges

Save up to 96% less energy consumption than lasers

Save your environmental targets with up to 92% less CO2 than lasers

Save up to 94% on waste by avoiding bulky laser printer consumables

All this – with no compromise on speed and far better quality. But how is this possible?!

Make the switch to Epson

First off, these inkjets they use a far simpler mechanism that involves, in the most basic terms, ejecting ink droplets onto the page rather than an elaborate process of charging, exposure, development, transfer and binding. But inkjets are horribly slow, are they not? Well, no. Epson PrecisionCore printhead systems can create 40 MILLION precise dots per second and apply them to the width of the page in one continuous pass.

As a bonus, this system avoids the various intricate moving parts that laser printers require. Perishable componentsthat will require maintenance, repair and / or replacement, each occasion taking time and increasing the device’s CO2 footprint, not to mention its overall wastefulness. Epson business inkjets have no such drawbacks, by avoiding the vast majority of the consumable elements required.

A sophisticated system, Epson inkjets use no heat to control the printing process. Ink is ejected onto the paper using a finely controlled mechanical system on each of its printheads. Not only does this use less energy than a thermal system but much less than the high-temperatures required in laser printers to fuse toner to the page.

The inkjet system saves yet more energy by minimising the friction between the paper and printer as it travels through the printing cycle. Rather than being transited using various drums and belts, the Epson journey cuts all of this out and only contacts the paper using rollers that have a very small surface area in contact with the page at any one time.

So, it is easy to see the huge energy-saving advantages an Epson business inkjet has over equivalent laser printers. When totalled up, they can save an amazing 80% of long-term power consumption while also easing the carbon footprint by 92% and generating up to 94% less waste, when compared with laser printers.

When you consider all this, why wouldn't you want to make the switch?

Make the switch to an Epson business inkjet printer today.

Epson Eco Messages

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