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Versalinking? Smart Thinking

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 29th March 2017 in New Products

Have you ever found yourself thinking: ‘aren’t printers all the same?’ You put paper in one end and it comes out the other; with stuff on.

Well not really, and to prove it Xerox have developed a new range of printers that utilise all of their design pedigree, to keep up with consumer needs as they evolve, pursuing business excellence in the face of mounting challenges.

Xerox have developed the new Versalink range of printers in the awareness that many small businesses will have limited IT support, will need a device that will be up and running quickly, and ready to begin enhancing efficiency and adding to the growth of the business immediately, and consistently over the long term.

With this in mind, the Versalink range offer small businesses reliability – meaning that you can consistently and flawlessly perform the tasks that make your business work. Out-of-the-box cloud connectivity allows easy printing on-the-go and from anywhere. You can connect and print in the way that suits your working style the best. Print straight from your platform of choice - whether that is Microsoft 365, google drive, or dropbox, you can print straight from that service with a minimum of fuss.

Xerox Versaprint

You’re ready to go right away AND hassle free because of IT-free installation options and step-by-step configuration guides. Be assured of technical reliability with Xerox’s cutting edge technologies including trusted paper path technology.

The Versalink devices also drive business efficiency with time saving Xerox technologies designed to speed up info sharing and reduce inefficient workflows. For example, information accuracy is within easy reach using scan and fax preview, and even more productivity can be gained using the built-in optical character recognition feature when scanning documents.

A best-in-class user interface allows users quicker and better ways to perform tasks by tap, swipe and touch-control on the generous 5-inch touchscreen. A customisable home screen helps to organise the way that each user works and allows them to setup simple, single-touch job access.

There are many ways of working to explore further with Xerox’s preloaded apps, and access to the Xerox App Gallery to discover still more productivity aids.

Another key benefit of the Xerox Versaprint range is its secure print facility, protected by ConnectKey comprehensive security. This gives users peace of mind that their print jobs are protected to the highest standards. A number of stringent security features are in place, including intrusion protection and data & document protection.

That is all very well but what does this actually mean? Firstly, malicious attacks are guarded against including protection against malware and hacking attempts upon the device. Unauthorised users will find it extremely difficult to gain access to or otherwise misuse in any way. All access points are protected through user authentication and access controls.

Furthermore, documents are protected when stored using the highest levels of encryption and are only released when the user is at the device.

Find the device that best suits the print demands of your business with mono and laser models, duplex options, and up to 45 ppm print speeds so you can find an option for any small office. Learn more here and browse all the different Versalink models available

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