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It's Spring! Time to Optimise The Office?

From the Printware Blog on Saturday 11th March 2017

Often left as an afterthought, office workflow and design is integral to any functioning office and can affect productivity and team morale. Yet optimising your office isn't just a reference to where the best place to house your new colour laser printer is; rather, it is concerned with the overall practicality of the space available.

Design for Success

Deliberate your office flow - is the room easy to navigate and move around in? Have you got enough desks and are they big enough for the work being completed? Is there enough room between desks to move around freely and safely? It is important that those who use certain equipment more, are in close proximity to those devices. Taking thirty seconds more to walk to and from a machine may not sound much, but if this is occurs 4 times a day over a whole team and is calculated over the course of a year, it soon racks to an alarming amount of lost time.

If your team require interaction, it might be worth having face to face desk set-ups. Likewise, if they rely on updated information, place screens in places where they will be visible to all who need them. Open spacess may not work as well for those who require privacy for dealing with confidential information or intense financial work - private desk or office space might be more beneficial in this instance. Creative teams on the other hand will benefit from an atmosphere conducive to ideas and imagination - bright colours and break space for meetings or idea sessions.

Busy Office

Consistency and Logic

If your business or organisation has a strong brand identity and clients or customers are likely to see your workspace, incorporating the branding and logo into your décor should be obvious. A cohesive vision of your business looks professional and will motivate staff.

Placement of technology not required by every member of personnel - such as printers, fax machines and photocopiers, should be well thought out. Consider job roles and needs: staff whose jobs require focus and concentration will not appreciate being next to the noisy printer and staff chit-chatting as they wait. These can be quite the distraction - perhaps your printer needs a quiet corner away from the staff.

Another important factor that is often overlooked is storage facilities. It is simply not enough to have desktop space, consider small sets of drawers and bookcases for folders and books. A kitchen, staff room or area for staff to keep personal belongings will help keep office space neat, clutter free and focused on work.

Finally, ensure furniture, especially chairs, are high quality and comfortable to work with. These items might cost more initially, but are less likely to need replacing in the short term and will ensure staff are comfortable and less likely to injure themselves – staff absence can be much more costly and has a detrimental effect on productivity.

For all your office supplies and accessory needs - contact Printware for help and advice.

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