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Retail Success Just Needs ePOS-itivity

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 25th January 2017

You do not have to be ‘in-the-know’ to be aware of the influence that mobile technology is having on all of our lives, both at home and at work, and the benefits that it brings. So it is no surprise to see more customer-facing businesses using mobile devices on a day to day basis – for example in bars and restaurants, even in sectors such as hospitality and leisure. Retail environments are no different, and mobile device uptake on the shop floor is sure to improve not only customer experience but also the business's bottom line.

For a start, sales staff can assist customer decisions using tablets to demonstrate products when they are not to hand, or by instantly accessing technical data on thousands of products. In skilled hands this can open up all kinds of opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. It may even save sales that would otherwise be lost when out of stock items, by ordering them then for the customer then and there.

When a purchase is made, it is possible to process card payments anywhere in the store. In fact the entire ‘shopping journey’ from browsing, information gathering, consideration to decision making and final purchase can be carried out on the shopfloor - by one staff member with a tablet.

Another major benefit to retailers is data collection for marketing. Handheld devices make it more practical and less intrusive to collect customer data and enter it on a database. The benefits are clear here for retailers who offer store cards, but have only one opportunity to approach the customer – at the checkout. Now shop assistants can proactively make the offer to shoppers at any time. On the shopfloor, with more opportunity to build rapport, there is greater chance of gaining cooperation and with a tablet to hand it can be collected there and then with minimal inconvenience to the customer.

One thing that is easy to overlook when implementing mobile POS is receipt printing. It is important that customers can obtain receipts, but clearly a lot of the benefits of using mobile POS would be undone if the user has to walk over to a printer to plug the device in.

Florist using Epson TM-M30

Epson’s newest range of TM-M30 mobile POS printers can be connected via Bluetooth or Wireless and paired quickly by tapping the device against the printer. If the user is not in the close vicinity, built-in software allows the printer to communicate with a widely available and free app.

The attractive modern design can fit into most contemporary retail settings. It will even please minimalists by keeping out of sight, a compact and flexible design ensuring it can be tucked away in even the smallest space. Whether that is on a shelf or mounted to a wall the printer can be configured either way by simply taking off the outer shell (no tools required – they just snap into place) and re-attaching to the adjacent sides.

If this hasn’t turned your idea of POS printers upside down, it will be by the numerous other features that the printer brings. For example the ability to print advanced graphics and promotional messages automatically, while using innovative printing processes to save paper consumption by up to 30%.

So if you are thinking about a mobile POS solution for your business, there are no doubt many considerations you need to weight up. Using an Epson TM-T30 POS printer means that you can have a printer that is attractive, easy to connect to and packed with innovative features.

Learn more about the Epson TM-30 on our website.

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