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Prepare to 'Flip' How You Look At Screens

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 17th January 2017

An Interactive whiteboard is like every other screen, except you can interact with it, right? They look the same, are similar in size, with landscape orientation… Well, yes – for the most part. When Smart Tech brought a new interactive flat panel display in to give us a demo, this was all turned on its head.

It was one of those ‘that’s so simple  - why has no-one else thought of it?’ moments when we found ourselves looking at what was described to us as an interactive flipboard. The demonstrator even used an ordinary dry-erase marker to write directly onto its glass surface during the session - which had the feel like one of those brainstorms or small team ‘huddles’ that flip-pads work so well in.

Smart Kapp used in a small meetingWith such informal meetings becoming more fashionable, it makes sense that flipboards would be the next to benefit from the ‘interactive’ treatment. But there was uncertainty: Would the Smart Board really add value to businesses?

It was quickly apparent that not only was this device interactive, but that it was a ‘flipboard on steroids’ with a multitude of productivity benefits available to those willing to explore the product’s potential.

For a start, mobile devices can quickly and easily sync with the board. Then from that moment anything that is written or drawn appears on the devices in real time. Anyone with access to one can watch, or even contribute to, what is presented without seeing the active board itself. Even more impressively, up to 50 devices all over the world can do so via an app that is free and widely available. It means that collaboration can take place in many different locations at once, with the interactive board as the focal point.

Once the page has been filled up, the information must be wiped it to begin another ‘page’, right? Yes, but by touching a snapshot button, all of the information can be captured first, ready to be shared when the session is over. In fact, screenshots can be taken at any point, ready to be collated and saved onto USB storage, or emailed in either pdf or jpg format.

Once a session is wrapped up, the flexibility and portability of the Smart Kapp comes into play. At 16 kilograms, to describe it as lightweight would be an understatement. And when combined with the Smart Kapp trolley, moving between rooms needs minimum exertion.

If it needs to stay in one fixed place, this is straightforward too. Mounting the screen to the wall is simple with a VESA 400 x 400mm bracket, which is included with the Smartboard.

Whether the SMART board is fixed in one place, or mobile to be moved from group to group, it is sure to make an audience look at interactive whiteboards in a whole different way. This is not only a highly useful piece of tech, but one that adds a touch of something different – ideal when a group needs to look beyond conventional approaches and ‘think outside the box’.

Read more about the Smart Kapp 42 Inch Screen on our product page.

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