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The New Xerox 6510 and 6515 Printer Ranges Are Here.

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 16th November 2016

Taking over from the 6600 and 6605 models, Xerox have re-engineered two powerful printing solutions for small to medium business. The 6515 and 6510 are designed to support the needs of a small enterprise even as they grow quickly in a quickly-changing digital economy.

The Phaser 6510 is a single function colour laser printer, while it’s slightly larger (but still nice and compact) sibling, the WorkCentre 6515 is a multifunction equivalent with a built-in touchscreen. Both boast extreme connectivity, spectacular image quality and commanding performance while also being a time-saving taskmaster.

Xerox 6510 & 6515 devices

Regardless of the type of mobile device you need to print from, it can be easily paired with each printer using Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Xerox Print Service Plug in for Android or Mopria. What’s more, if your mobile device has Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled, it can simply be tapped against the printer to pair the two.

As for image quality, Xerox usually have achieved almost unrivalled image quality in laser printers. Yet with the 6510 and 6515 printers, they take further great strides forward. The newest innovations in colour image quality have been unlocked by Xerox’s new EA Toner formulation. Re-engineered with smaller toner particles than ever before they can deliver finer details on page and less toner waste. Because they melt at lower temperatures, the printers save energy too.

This, combined with Pantone colour-approved solid colour simulations, Xerox’s patented colour correction technology and Postscript 3 ensure that printing results will match and exceed your expectations every time with the brightest, truest colours.

Not that you have to compromise on speed to get this. Day-to-day workloads are easily achieved with print speeds of up to 28 pages per minute. Powerful performance to support the needs of a business as it grows.

With a capacity of 300 pages, plus an additional 550 when utilising an additional tray, there is plenty of potential for interruption-free printing.

When scanning with the WorkCentre 6515 documents are processed in half the time by scanning both sides of a page in a single pass. Once done, renders of each page pop up on the screen so that they can be checked right there at the printer. Errors can be identified and unwanted or blank pages can be omitted before the document is sent to the computer, to save time later on.

The integrated touchscreen itself offers a tablet-esque app-based user experience. It can be customised to match any individual’s workflow and navigated with intuitive, smartphone-like navigations.

And this is not the only way that these printers are optimised for the brave new digital age as both can connect to the cloud. Just a few steps to follow and documents can be printed straight from any of the major cloud platforms, or scanned from the 6515 if you want to send documents to online storage. All the mainstays of sending documents are there too, as it is just as easy to scan to email, FTP, Network or using the USB port on the device’s front panel.

What’s more, doing so poses very little risk. Security concerns can be entirely mitigated using the latest security feature developments to keep sensitive documents secure. These include things that are completely meaningful to IT people such as; IPsec, SNMPv3, IP filtering and secure print. Don’t worry if this sounds like gibberish: it is. The only thing you need to know is that they will keep your sensitive stuff safe.

Find out more about the new Xerox 6515 and 6510 on our product pages.


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