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Genee - Teaching New Tech to the Old School

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 5th October 2016 in Education, New Products

We've been suprised recently to find ourselves betraying one of the trademark tell-tale signs of impending old age, as we find the words ‘well they didn’t have that in my day…’ passing our lips with increasing regularity.

We've been finding ourselves saying it all too often while trying out shiny new technology designed for education. Honestly, kids these days don't know they're born (doh - was that another one?!) Tablets, interactive touchscreens, visualisers, 3D printers. All geared towards improving the classroom and equipping students to drive their own learning, with the means to visualise, create and present projects in new exciting ways. Even making school more fun - wait, was school meant to be fun!?

On a serious note, the evolution of touchscreens and software opens up new opportunities for teachers to engage and inspire children, and to demonstrate and visualise topics in ways that may not have been possible previously.

G-touch Interactive Display

One of the most forward-thinking companies innovating with this technology is Genee. After just a short time trialling their solutions it becomes clear that they have developed products with a focus not on ‘what can this technology do’ but ‘what do the end users need, that this technology can provide’.

For example, interactive displays are available from many companies in a wide range of sizes and up to 10 person multi-touch.

The additional value that Genee provide is the software that drives their touchscreens. Teachers using it are empowered with the flexibility, power and controls to deliver interactive lesson plans, then manage how it is used in the classroom. Teaching geometry? There are protractors and rulers to help explore how shapes are related; Physics? Pull up an animation from their vast library of resources; English literature? Play an online video of a play to take screenshots of key moments, saving them on the infinite canvas interface.

The possibilities are only limited by the classroom’s creativity.

Genee have developed three main packages help to deliver and manage all this: Spark Infinity, Project Flow and Learn Hub.

Spark – Genee’s Whiteboard/Presentation software is licence free so there is no limit to the number of devices it can be installed on.

Spark’s interface gives the user an infinite canvas with general and subject-specific tools. These include practical tools like protractors, rulers or even virtual beakers for measuring volume, or more advanced visual aids from a large library of videos and animations. The natural curiosity that develops while a subject is being taught can be harnessed to guide the learning in a way that the students are naturally engaged in, rather than following a rigid lesson plan.

Spark also allows its full functionality over any other application, so a teacher can use a full suite of Whiteboard and Presentation tools to annotate, highlight and manipulate objects over websites, images, documents and many other types of file.

Project Flow –  Project Flow also assists with one of the most time consuming and difficult parts of a teacher’s workload. A great deal of time is spent administrating and distributing different resources, quizzes and assignments to students, according to their varied ability levels and needs. By understanding the way that modern classrooms work, Genee have developed this software so teachers can spend less time on administration, to put to use in more valuable ways.

The software also allows each device to be monitored and controlled to ensure that it is being used for the intended purpose. With a multitude of screens in any modern classroom it can be impossible for the teacher to see what each one is being used for. With project Flow, teachers are informed as soon as any device in the lesson is used for any purpose other than that which has been assigned.

Learn hub –A suite of fully customisable Multi Touch enabled games, including word searches, quizzes and many more, that can be used to bring lessons to life. Introducing a level of competition, goal achievement and, crucially, fun, to inspire and motivate children to participate in even the least stimulating topics.


Genee have good reason to be confident in the products they offer. With several ex-teachers employed to deliver customer training and product development, they gain regular direct feedback and fresh perspectives on the G-touch range.

They remain focused on enhancing the student experience, while equipping teachers to deliver and manage the experience in the classroom, so there is little doubt Genee will continue to deliver products that continue to advance what can be achieved in the classroom.

Why not take a look in more detail at the Genee products we currently offer on the Printware website.

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